The Advantages and Disadvantages of Trading Cryptocurrency

  There are numerous benefits to trading cryptocurrency. The underlying technology is highly secure and privacy-preserving, and no central authority controls your transactions. However, some disadvantages to crypto trading are well-known, including high-frequency trading, lack of KYC and custodial service, and high transaction fees. For these reasons, you should use a trusted exchange to trade … Read more

Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrency

  Aside from its fast growth, one of the primary advantages of cryptocurrency is its lack of government regulation. While Bitcoin has experienced considerable growth despite the widespread criticism, many other types of cryptocurrency are barely receiving airplay. As new cryptos are introduced almost daily, the market continues to grow and expand. The number of … Read more

How to Add Funds in Your Crypto Wallet

  If you’ve been wondering how to add funds in your crypto wallet, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four easy steps to help you start using a cryptocurrency exchange or non-custodial wallet. Once you’ve registered, you can add funds to your Wirex wallet by using an external crypto wallet, your friends or … Read more